The New Wajer 44: Best Of Both Worlds

April 17, 2023 2 min read

wajer 44 nieuw lancering Wonders of Luxury

When it comes to boats, we say Wajer. As disapproving as the upper class may be about the Dutch tax system, they are just as chauvinistic when it comes to the yachting industry. If that is the case, please read on. Whether you already own a Wajer or are just starting with your first, Wajer has a new showpiece, a 44ft one.

It has been in the works for some time, and some things were already known, but now it's finally launched. The new 44ft (about 13 meters) offers slightly more space than the 38ft version and is slightly more manageable than the 55ft. "Best of both worlds"? Yes, that's true. However, what is distinctive again are the new features on board.

With the introduction of the 'Smart Boarding Concept,' Wajer responds to current technological developments and the desire to control everything from your phone. So no more hassle with a large anchor, sweating to adjust the air conditioning or struggling with the boarding ladder after a few too many bottles of champagne. You can now do it all from your beach chair at Nikki Beach. Not a big step for humanity, but a giant leap for tipsy boat owners!

The latest Wajer not only has all the trendy gadgets you expect from a modern boat but also meets all the standards of recent years. With its iconic design and famous lines, the 44-footer fits perfectly into the Wajer family, which had already been ordered 20 times before its launch. But what will this luxury toy cost you? Officially, it's not yet known, but rumors in the grapevine suggest a price of around 2 million euros. Wajer keeps tight-lipped about the 'starting price,' which is just as well, because as J.P. Morgan once said, "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it."

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