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March 01, 2023 3 min read

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One has survived, albeit through the not entirely animal-friendly fur coat, but spring seems to be on the horizon. While in Argentina one may mount their own polo pony, the European upper class clings to the increasingly accessible gentleman's sport of golf. Let's discuss this.

first golf tournament 1900 scotland wonders of luxury

The origin of golf remains somewhat of a mystery, but reportedly it was played in Scotland during the Middle Ages. Some historians even claim that the game dates back to ancient times when the Romans played paganica - a kind of leather-ball-with-stick story. In the Netherlands, we had our own version called colf, truly Dutch, isn't it? However, modern golf emerged in the 15th century in Scotland and quickly became popular among the Scottish elite.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, golf became increasingly standardized, and rules and competitions were established. In 1860, the first British Open was held, which is considered the first official golf tournament.

In the 20th century, golf became a globally popular sport, with the establishment of various tournaments and the development of professional golfers. New golf courses were constructed, and improved technologies for golf clubs and balls were developed. Today, golf is one of the most practiced sports in the world, with millions of players and fans worldwide.

While it is pleasant to know this history, where do you want to play a game nowadays? If you don't manage your own golf course, which is actually a requirement, you can become a member of a country club. Augusta National in Georgia is a real gem in the crown and is recognized worldwide as one of the best golf clubs in the world. However, joining Augusta is not for everyone. Memberships are strictly by invitation only and numbers are kept small, at around 300 people. If you do make it through, be prepared to dig deep into your pockets - initiation fees range from $250,000 to $500,000.

Augusta National golf Georgia US Wonders of Luxury

Augusta is undoubtedly exclusive, but any article about golf would be incomplete without mentioning the Royal and Ancient. The oldest club in the world, founded in 1754, has retained many of its original, strict codes and regulations, including a traditional dress code. Women were not allowed in the club until 2015, when Princess Anne became the first female honorary member. Today, the club has a diverse membership and there are tournaments for both male and female players. As you would expect, membership is by invitation only and costs are kept private.

royal ancient scotland golf wonders of luxury

A sublime game of golf requires not only the right technique and strategy but also high-quality equipment, including an excellent golf ball. The unmatched choice in this field is undoubtedly Titleist balls, in which numerous professional golfers worldwide place their trust due to their exceptional performance and reliability. Even if you are not one of the most skilled golfers, it is essential to play with these high-quality balls to have any chance of getting the ball in the hole. Here we focus on your affluent taste, as the Pro V1 balls are on average three times more expensive than the standard variants.

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Golf has traditionally been an aristocratic activity, and therefore we offer the opportunity to order these balls from us, with the possibility, of course, of having your personal initials or family crest on the ball. This way, you not only play with the world's best balls but also with balls that are personalized according to the etiquette rules of the game. Where are you waiting for? Click here

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