Timeless Comfort: Fine Watches Meet Finer Socks

January 31, 2024 2 min read

Amsterdam Vintage Watches FALKE Wonders of luxury

A charming twist of fate occurred last Thursday, where two seemingly incompatible parties unveiled a surprisingly practical synergy. The stage was set for a festive dinner, organized around the collaboration between FALKE, the sock virtuosos, and Amsterdam Vintage Watches, connoisseurs of exclusive timepieces.

Upon arrival, it was immediately noticeable that the displayed Vicuña socks, starting at 650 euros a pair, were unfortunately not part of the goody bag. These socks, impractically fragile and intended for only a few wears, epitomize extravagant luxury. It's precisely their total impracticality, coupled with the option for personal initials, that makes them irresistible to true aficionados and snobs. A true frivolity, but oh so delightful in the world of the upper class.

Rolex submariner amsterdam vintage watches Wonders of Luxury FALKE

In essence, the heart of this collaboration was the mutual appreciation for each other's crafts, with a touch of humor towards the textile industry. Amsterdam Vintage Watches, for instance, launched a sock with a subtle nod to the Rolex Submariner, a watch that became popular among divers and watch enthusiasts in the 1950s and 60s for its unique design and superior quality. Rolex, cleverly tapping into the American market, subtly changed the depth indication on the dial to '660ft=200m' and added the slogan 'Feet first' - a masterstroke in marketing that strengthened the brand's position in the US.

How amusing it is, then, that Amsterdam Vintage Watches decided to release a sock with this slogan and '660ft=200m' on the ankle. Such an extra is delightfully coveted in our industry. A splendid example of craftsmanship and marketing savvy in harmony. From now on, one has the choice of either wearing their initials on the ankle or sporting a subtle hint to the fact that their feet take precedence. 'Feet first.'


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