Old Money – New Money: When Does One Own a Superyacht?

August 31, 2023 3 min read

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In delving into the realm of yachts, we encounter the juxtaposition of old and new money, a play of status and style set against a backdrop of sparkling waters and balmy breezes. While classes may exhibit stark contrasts, the question remains pertinent to both worlds: when does a yacht earn the title of 'superyacht'? Rest assured, size does matter, but it's not the sole star in the constellation. Essentially, yachts begin to stake their claim to superyacht status starting from around 24 meters (approximately 79 feet) in length. Yet, to truly wear that golden seal, more is required than just a growth spurt; it's about decadence.


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Imagine a dedicated crew, like a celebrity chef transforming your stay into an unparalleled experience. A captain who navigates the seas like a nautical genius, based on your desires. And let's not forget, a hostess or stewardess ensuring your champagne glass never runs dry. These are the savory ingredients of a genuine superyacht experience. It's a harmonious convergence of opulence, refinement, and unparalleled service. Regardless of the yacht's size, it becomes a realm where indulgence takes on a loftier dimension. After all, even what's good can always be enhanced.

So, where do the differences lie?
Let's begin with the aristocracy, the old guard of yesteryears who bear their heritage not only in their family trees but also on their splendid wooden yachts. These dignified aristocrats delight in navigating their vessels along the sun-kissed French Riviera, where history blends with the salty air. And let's be candid, the billowing sails of their graceful ships carry a narrative of timeless elegance and nautical legacy. Although accustomed to having staff around them since early youth, sailing days are still seen as a sporting affair, devoid of assistance. The rigging and unrigging in the harbor are naturally handled by the crew, but that's understandable. One merely arrives, releases the ropes, and sets sail. Upon return, there's no need to disassemble, scrub, and polish the entire ship. After all, they're on vacation, drawn by the sands of beachside restaurants where their family has frequented for generations. It can be asserted that old money often opts for slightly smaller classic sailboats of around 20 meters, where a couple of crew members readily suffice. They've managed to stay true to their roots quite gracefully.

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On the other hand, the nouveau riche, newcomers to the ranks of the affluent, often take a faster route and lean toward fuel-guzzling motor yachts. This modern class tends to unleash horsepower on flamboyant motor yachts, showcasing their freshly acquired fortunes in the spotlight. As you can see, two divergent universes. These vessels quickly exceed the threshold of about 30 meters and come equipped with all sorts of toys, such as jet skis, flyboards, and slides. It's evident that they don't manage these themselves, hence the need for significantly more crew. Think of a triumvirate of deckhands, a hostess, a chef with an assistant, and the captain – at minimum.

The ports where these yachts dock transform into the theater of a social spectacle. Old money, subtle and reserved, mostly remains on board, relishing the tranquil embrace of their vessel. In contrast, the new money embraces the public sphere, stepping off the boat adorned in haute couture, seeking kindred spirits. Here, watching and being watched becomes the norm once again, Ahoy!

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