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February 08, 2021 3 min read

vliegtuig plane privé private jet luxe klassse wonders of luxury

Normally we always ‘just’ travel by plane to Ibiza, or sometimes
take the car and boat. But when we got asked if we’d like to
experience what it’s like to be brought to the island by private
jet, we certainly weren’t going to say no. Not to one very special
experience that we could secretly get used to...

Terminal before departure, where the Aerodynamics
team is already waiting for us. Very different from
joining the queue in front of the check-in counter at
Schiphol. Here you don’t have to stress about anything,
because everything is arranged for you. Even your car is
parked for you if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, or
don’t have the time. And we’re told that you can also be
picked up from home, and dropped off at the door of the
terminal. How wonderful, all that luxury. No matter how
unsettling it feels at first, we just sit back and let it happen.
‘Wow, we’re going to Ibiza... in a private jet!’


private jet vliegtuig luxe wonders of luxury special speciaal vliegen huren

“Leave your luggage with us”, we hear from a friendly lady,
and then we watch as our suitcases are put on a trolley
and brought away to be put on the plane. Well, at least we
don’t have to worry about that anymore. Time to enjoy and
prepare for the flight to Ibiza at our leisure. In our little
black dresses, that is, so that we are immediately ready
for a ‘girls’ night out’ after landing on the island. Later we
realise that we might as well have changed on the plane.
There’s plenty of space when there’s only three passengers.
Oh well, we’ll just travel in style!
Another big advantage of travelling with a private plane:
you don’t have to be there hours in advance – arriving
at least fifteen minutes in advance with Aerodynamics
is sufficient – and you can fly when it suits you with the
companions of your choice. Because whether you’re alone
or want to fly somewhere with a group of five hundred people,
with your friends, family or business partners, they always
guarantee the most suitable aircraft at the best price.

And then the time comes. We are told that our plane is
ready and that we can board. A van transports us to the
plane where the pilot is all ready for departure, and the
champagne is on ice. Because we’re told that’s the beauty
of a private flight. Everything is custom-made and fully
tailored to the wishes of the customer. How perfect, on the
way to the airport we were joking that a glass of bubbles
in the air would suit this special experience, and lo and
behold, our wish is fulfilled. Cheers, to a good flight and
another fantastic trip to Ibiza.


ibiza luxury travel reizen private jet vliegtuig huren hire boeken wonders of luxury luxury

And we certainly have a good flight. Not ‘crammed’ onto
the plane as we are used to, but enjoying plenty of space
and all the comfort to sit and relax, and without having to
worry about the person in the seat next to us. Add a second
glass of bubbles and the time flies by. Before we realise it,
the pilot begins the landing sequence and we see magical
Ibiza looming before us. Ibiza is not that far to fly to really,
but actually it still takes quite a bit of time with a ‘normal
flight’. Because of your luggage, getting through all checks,
because you have to arrive in plenty of time, all the waiting
for other people to board... All things we don’t have to
worry about during this private flight. And we don’t have to
waste any time at Ibiza airport either. Of course there are
currently the mandatory checks due to the coronavirus,
but in no time we are outside the airport. And then, take a
taxi? That’s an option of course, but we conclude this flight
in style and have our transport arranged by Aerodynamics.
Because they can arrange everything for you in addition to
the flight. On to the restaurant, and we’re looking forward
to even more bubbles to toast this special experience
once again.

Flying on a private jet... You’ve guessed it, we would highly
recommend it to anyone. A solution for both business
and private purposes if you want to save time (and often
money) and enjoy luxury, top service, comfort and – in our
case – a unique experience. Aerodynamics, thank you for
this special flight!

vlucht vliegtuig boeken private jet vliegtuig service luxe wonders of luxury

luxury private jet vliegtuig plane service boeken wonders of luxury

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