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Nice and easy, your own private flight

December 07, 2021 3 min read

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In a world with the most sophisticated technologies and the latest gadgets, people still don't know how to teleport. Perhaps that is why aviation, and in particular private jets, are incredibly popular. Not to be annoying, but if you don't travel with your own jet - you don't quite belong. Fortunately, you do not have to purchase these mechanical birds immediately, because there are plenty of options.

Where do most millionaires live? That's right, in America. It is therefore no surprise that almost half of all private jet owners are American. Europe follows third, after China, with a percentage of 20.8%. While these costs (according to the owners) always outweigh the joy of having these types of vehicles, it is noteworthy that almost half of all flights take place without passengers. About 40% of all private jets in the air are on their way without an owner or passengers, because the aircraft is flown to the storage or maintenance location. Taking these fuel and personnel costs into account, it is therefore not surprising that the owner quickly pays millions for the maintenance of the aircraft, which in some cases quickly rises to €100 million.

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Let's be clear whether the benefits outweigh the millions in maintenance, personnel or storage, we are not quite sure yet. But while traveling one discovers the world, and that only becomes easier this way.

A total cost of €100 million is certainly not the average, because in the majority of cases the costs are a few million. By flying privately, you do not have any queues and you can board five minutes before departure. However, while flying first class on a scheduled flight, you can come close to these comforts by using an exclusive lounge and priority boarding. What is the real distinctive character of a private jet? The flexibility.
A scheduled flight does not wait, your plane does, of course. Whether you are fifteen minutes late, an hour or part of the day, you can enjoy an inexhaustible flight schedule.

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Nice side effect of your own plane? You determine your own passengers. A flight with your business associates to impress, with family to Sankt Moritz for Christmas or just go crazy with a bunch of friends to Ibiza. It doesn't matter, you're the captain. In this way, a world is created in which almost anything is possible, even if a private jet is also subject to strict safety rules. For example, there was a wealthy passenger who flew to Florence for her 50th birthday. Even before the landing there had to be a party and the cake with all those candles would be lit. Before departure, however, it turned out that open fire was not allowed on board. That's why the family had a single firefighter flown in so that the party could be celebrated in a big way, hooray!

In addition to purchasing an aircraft, you can also opt for a charter. A charter flight brings advantages, taking into account the frequency of your number of flights per year. A major advantage of charter flights is the cost of not having maintenance and storage costs or other calamities. A flight to New York varies between €50,000 and €80,000, depending entirely on the number of passengers and your wishes and needs.
Try it once? We are happy to help you.

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