Holland and their super yachts

October 30, 2021 3 min read

Although the rich in the Netherlands are getting richer, the usual wealth in the kingdom is still a pittance of what the real rich of the earth have to spend. This is of course not surprising, given the size of the Netherlands and a culture in which everyone advocates equal rights and an equal wallet, so that a little rich is still acceptable, but it should not get too crazy! What is remarkable and which is supported by the entire nation, are the successes that the same people have in one of the most luxurious branches in the world, the yachting industry. With yacht builders such as Feadship and Oceanco, the Netherlands has gold in its hands when it comes to the nautical ideal. But what is the distinctive character? And when is it a special yacht? We figured it out.

If people think about the Netherlands, jokingly think of clogs, cheese and windmills. While that is also true, the Dutchman is internationally known for yacht building because of his innovation, craftsmanship, reliability and quality. The customer is central to these core values, which creates a strong “custom-build” relationship, which makes the Dutch yacht builders stand out from the competition.

The Netherlands and the waters are inextricably linked through the centuries-long history that they know together. Already in the golden age, the Netherlands took responsibility for building technically good ships for the fleet of the Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), which has ensured that a craftsmanship of experience has been created. The location of the Netherlands and therefore the shipyards also plays an important role. This is central and accessible for all operational and logistical activities surrounding a superyacht. 


feadship wonders of luxury cover superyacht bliss.jpg

Halfway through this year, Feadship proudly delivered a new superyacht.
It was the superyacht "Bliss", of no less than 95 meters long, which after her years of construction could finally take to the sea. This impressive yacht is the newest yacht of Feadship and can accommodate about 14 guests, requiring about 20 crew members. With a weight of 3,000 tons and a maximum speed of 17 knots, this 200 million vessel is another new toy for one of the so many unknown billionaires known to our world.


 wonders of luxury cover superyacht y719 oceanco.jpg

The other yacht builder, Oceanco, Launched the "Y719" in early October, where it is expected to be delivered in the spring of 2022.

After the technical launch in Zwijndrecht, the yacht went to the outfitting facility in Alblasserdam, after which it became visible to the outside world for the first time in all splendor. This gigantic ship has eleven suites and can accommodate about 22 to 24 guests. With a total length of 117 meters, this ship is, for the time being, the largest ship ever built in the Netherlands. Detailed information about the ship is not yet known, but it is clear that this ship, whose price tag is still unknown, will be equipped with all luxurious customs. The owner is a longtime CEO of Google.

Jeff Bezos

 wonders of luxury cover superyacht y721 oceanco

But, as already mentioned, the Y719 is the largest ship ever built for the time being. Founder and former CEO of Amazon, Mr. Bezos, is having Oceanco build a super sailing yacht of no less than 127 meters in length! This will immediately make the ship the largest sailing ship in the world. With three masts and three decks there is no shortage of space, you would think. However, the former CEO has chosen to build another boat, where both the helicopter and the staff can be accommodated. According to the Daily Mail, Mr. Bezos has only lost a sloppy €430 million for the sailing ship, the dinghy is being built at Damen Shipyards.

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