The living sculpture of Champagne | Paul Hartwood

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The living sculpture of Champagne | Paul Hartwood Wonders of Luxury - Paul Hartwood Champagne
The living sculpture of Champagne | Paul Hartwood Wonders of Luxury - Paul Hartwood Champagne
  • Thanks to its infinite effervescence, Champagne never dies. It is considered to be the most noble of drinks, a symbol of "eternal life." By associating his works with the effervescence of Champagne, Paul Hartwood decided to offer an extra life to his timeless creations.

    Committed to the fundamental values of our biodiversity, and because environmental awareness is essential, Paul Hartwood is committed to donating part of his profits to different association, pioneers in the defense of the animal cause.

    Charlemagne, the patron par excellence of the arts of his time, offered his sword to some exclusive Paul Hartwood artworks.

    It is through this shocking image that the artist wishes to denounce human ferocity towards the animal species that share our planet. It represents the act of human violence from the time of our Kings to the end of our era, yet it continues to provide strength and power to those who hold it.

    In his representation, the artist is at the opposite end of this harmful image. According to him, man has the power to change things.

    The chosen one who removes the sword from the animal's bust will free it. He will possess "L’épée du Sacre des Rois de France" and will succeed the power of the Great Charlemagne by holding in his turn the power of a King, that of his own time.

  • To the eye a dress of deep and sparkling gold. A rich and brilliant colour synonymous with an obvious power.

    On the nose the brilliance of a refined candied fruit aroma, accompanied by notes of sweet spices. After a few minutes, a more complex maturity is revealed with notes of woody and grilled mirabelle plums. An evolution worthy of a very high quality.

    In the mouth an explosion of fine, creamy bubbles, a greedy and refreshing palate, with a delicate structure of refined fresh fruit. A feeling representing the most beautiful generosity in the world of Champagne.

    Elaborated on the Sacred Lands of the French Royalty, you are about to taste a Champagne full of history. You are travelling to relive the nobility of our past.

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