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  • It is the first yacht that is LOA 16,95 meters long (55,61 ft) that is so efficient that delivers exceptional performance: 35 knots from twin Volvo IPS 600. We are also offering a tripple IPS 600 engine option which will propel the yacht to a top speed of 42 knots. Alternatively, a traditional shaft installation is available as an option. As a comparison, all the other yatchs in this size use double the horsepower than we do, achieving lower top speeds.

    The first yacht that offers unbelievable economy: at least half and in some cases even one third of the consumption of its competitors. For instance at 14 knots it will consume 30 L/h total, at 22 knots 64 L/h and at 26 knots only 88 L/h total. Based on these two points we are claiming the title of the most efficient production yacht in the world for its size.

    The first 16,95 meters (55,61feet) long production yacht with waterline to top height of 2.85 meters (9,35 feet) only. This low profile gives the yacht unprecedented aesthetics and beauty.

    The first yacht with such a low center of gravity that it has the stability of a sail boat. It is so stable that it is able to recover from heeling angles as big as 98 degrees.

    There is no hump resistance during transition to plane. All the planning hulls have a hump resistance between 8-9 knots until 16+ knots when they come on plane. At these speeds you can't cruise, due to extreme trim angles, extreme consumption and it is generally uncomfortable. In our yachts, one can cruise comfortably at any speed.

    The yacht maintains at all cruising speeds very low trim angles between 2,1 and 3 degrees. In conjunction with the shape of the hull it offers superb visibility, a big advantage in its category.

    It features a really steep entry, cutting the waves with an entry angle of 72 degrees that in combination with the rest of the hull, ensures a truly soft ride in heavy seas.

    Huge saloon and cockpit areas with the added bonus that they are completely flat with no steps or recessions whatsoever. This makes for a much more usable - and safer - space. Ceiling height is more than two meters almost everywhere.

    The layout offers three cabins, two heads and a crew cabin. The master cabin boasts a desk and make-up table. Alternatively we offer a two cabins, two heads and galley down layout giving more space to the saloon.

    Customizable layout and interior according to the owner’s wishes.

    Use of cutting edge hull and superstructure construction technologies: vinyl ester –polyester resins in a sandwich construction with foam core and carbon fiber re-inforcements.

  • LEGEND 54

    LOA: 16,92m

    Beam: 4,5m

    Lwl: 14,85m

    Draft: 0,918m

    Displacement: 15.660Kg

    Fuel Tanks: 1307L

    Water Tanks: 504L

    Engines:Twin Volvo Penta IPS 600, 435 HP

    Top speed: 35 Knots

    Max. Cruising speed: 30 Knots


    14 Knots: 30L/h or 2.14 l/Nm total

    20 Knots: 54L/h or 2.70 l/Nm tatal

    25 Knots: 83 L/h or 3.32 l/Nm total

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