Hermes Speedster ( E ) Boat

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Hermes Speedster ( E ) Boat
  • The innovative patented Amfihull® performance characteristics are truly staggering. First of all, Hermes has a very low drag resistance which allows the use of smaller engines than similar sized boats while still being faster than its competitors. It features a really steep entry, cutting the waves with an entry angle of 72 degrees that in combination with the rest of the hull, ensures a very soft ride with no pounding as the boat cuts through the waves. Furthermore, the boats maintain at all cruising speeds very low trim angles between 2 and 2,8 degrees. Unlike other motor boats, there is no specific speed at which they transition to plane. Instead as the speed increases, it gradually comes out of the water maintaining a nearly horizontal attitude at all times.

    In Hermes, there is no hump coming on plane. This means that one can cruise at any speed from as low as 5 knots up to the boat’s maximum speed. The boat also features tremendous stability characteristics due to its extremely low center of gravity. Hermes is very stable while cruising and at rest. Like its bigger siblings, Hermes demonstrate an unbelievable average consumption of 0.5L/Mile or 8MPG. Claiming once again the title of “The most efficient production boat in the world”

    • Length

      6.75 m

    • Width of the hull

      1.80 m

    • Draft

      0.25 m

    • Weight

      675 kg

    • Max. number of people


    • Engine

      Weber / Textron

    • Engine type

      Rotax 1503NA 155hp

    • Max. power output

      155 hp

    • Propulsion

      Jet Drive

    • Max. speed

      45 mph / 73 km/h

    • CE-marking

      Design class C


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