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CICLOTTE Dumbbells modular design weights
The innovative modular design weights Dumbbells
  • Materials:
    Aluminium, Steel, and Bronze

    Numerically controlled mechanical processing.

    26cm x cm x l 26 cm x h 28 cm

    16 Kg - 7.5 kg (per single group of 3 weight rings)

    Black or customizable on demand through anodizing, zinc-coating, powder-coating and burnishing processes.

    Technical characteristics
    Cams hooking/engaging system, with anti-seize gears in pure bronze, to enable the user’s to quickly and easily vary the number of weight-rings employed during the workout, from 1.5 kg up to 7,5 kg. Maximum ergonomic distribution of the weight around the hands, thanks to the unique and iconic circular shape. Safety system against unwanted releases during heavy workout sessions through a dedicated safety hook and a conic coupling system of each weight-ring Surface anti-oxidising treatments through anodizing, zinc-coating, powder-coating and burnishing processes.

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