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WOLF ATLAS Titanium Safe - Digital Keypad Lock with Reinforced Hinges for Ultimate Security
WOLF ATLAS Safe Detail - Titanium Finish with Robust Door Hinges for Enhanced Security
    • Weight: 730 lbs / 331 kg
    • Bluetooth user-controlled app: Download app from Apple or Android store.
    • Rotation options: with the WOLF app you are effortlessly in control of setting the Turns per Day (TPD) for your timepieces(s) ranging from 1 – 1,999 turns per day (TPD)
    • Directional settings: Clockwise, anti-clockwise or bi-directional
    • Start delay: Users can program up to a 255-hour delay before the first winding cycle – accommodating for a recently worn timepiece or power reserve.
    • Lock-in cuff: Our patented cuff and drum design ensures that the cuff locks inside to ensure the watch is held safely
    • Size: Cuff and drum will suit all watch, strap and case sizes
    • Patented Innovation: Turns per day are guaranteed by our patented method of counting turns – no other company counts turns per day (TPD), they simply estimate the number of TPD.
    • Additional storage: 7 Black finished exterior, grey Lusterloc™ lined, pull-out drawers for watches, jewelry and accessory storage. 3 open drawers, 2 jewelry drawers, and 2 watch drawers.
    • Onyx or Titanium high gloss exterior and chrome trim with WOLF’s custom 1834 Gray LusterLoc™ treated ultrasuede interior.
    • UL certified independent testing verifies:

      • Fire resistance for up to 120 minutes, tested at 1,700°F (927°C), then dropped from 30 feet.
      • The interior temperature during the fire test remains below 350°F (177°C), (paper burns at 450°F (232°C), so your documents remain safe.
      • Water Resistance: The interior of the safe door is sealed with Palusol® fire seal which expands 8 times the original size, sealing the door.
    • Additional App controls:

      • Effortlessly control winder modules independently or simultaneously with WOLF app
      • Customize you safe with the ability to name the safe and each winder.
      • Upload your watches or personal photos as background image.
      • i-Mode feature controls LED light with the ability to set on/off timers based on your schedule.
      • Password protected app control.
      • Register your warranty from your phone.
      • Contact customer service and shop online.

    Item: 490465

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