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The Most Luxurious Perfume in the World

February 19, 2022 3 min read

wonders of luxury perfume the spirit of dubai
Spirit of Dubai
 has brought to you the finest of the perfume collections with the introduction of their second-generation ultra-high-end perfume line and its presenting the most luxurious perfume in the world. Each product of the line showcases a soulful connection to Dubai’s prime elements in both their product and package design, evolving naturally from the first-generation products.

The formulation of the fragrances contains high-quality and rare natural ingredients. Along with the elegant packaging, the perfume is what you will be really happy to pay for. There are distinct yet very complex fragrances in this line. The element of complexity is subtly blended with the element of depth. Each perfume comes with a display case that has a special drawer containing a little booklet on the stories of the second generations’ products in both English and Arabic.

At Wonders of Luxury, we are offering the seven select perfumes—Narjesi, Haibah, Aamal, Diwan, Durra, Baz and Abzar—from the Spirit of Dubai in 90ml EAU DE PARFUM. Now let’s breeze through the offerings of these perfume delights.

Adorned with the mysterious Black Rose, Narjesi’s floral fragrance is synthesized from Rose Bulgarian, Turkish Rose, and Pure Rose Taif extracts. The formulation then completes itself with an oriental touch. Narjesi (€1115) comes nestled in a rose gold display case that stands in pleasant contrast with the black monogram.

Haibah (€945), like the priceless diamond, is a fantastic delight containing a strong presence of patchouli, smoked wood Indian agarwood oil, and a warm touch of rose. It also has an oudh middle note. Its raven black display case contrasts nicely with the silver monogram pattern.

Diwan (€945) is emblematic of the grandeur of Dubai’s royal hospitality. The soft incense and ubar luban notes accompany the strong scents of coffee while frankincense negotiates the scented space among them. The maroon display case of the perfume sits cozily in contrast to the gold monogram pattern. 

And then we have Baz (€765), scented with falcon leather, the woody smoke oil banum, labdanum, and Indian agarwood oil. Baz, flying high above the clouds heightens aspirations for us and the posterity. The packaging takes after the bronze-hued brow glory of the Baz, smoothly nestled in the gold display case.

There is Durra (€765), the pearl, that has sort of a silver pearl in its unisex design and packaging. The bottle looks beautiful on its own. But if you want to arrange it within your collection, you can just place it in its elegant wooden magnetic display case. Its deep marine touch of the fragrances awakens a sense of pleasant longing and is strengthened by the Oriental element.

Signifying the hope and regenerative finesse in the blue world of the seas and the oceans, Aamal’s sparkling crystal signals prosperity and innovation. It has strong notes of Rose Damascene. Bargemot and Rose Bulgarian. Aamal (€765) belongs to the oriental, floral, tasty and spicy olfactive family.

wonders of luxury perfume the spirit of dubai

Abjar, the legendary stallion bathed in gold, evokes a sense of vintage nostalgia, taking us on a journey in the mysterious ancient past with the trailing sillage of amber, cedarwood, and labdanum wafting in the air. Abjar (€765) sits in a lush green display case nicely contrasting its gold monogram.

All seven of the ultra-niche Second Generation perfume collection from the Spirit of Dubai is the epitome of luxury in the world of scented delights. It’s a true pleasure for the lovers of sophisticated perfumes. We at Wonders of Luxury can bring this most luxurious perfume experience to you just with the touch of your fingertips. You can order them from us here.

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