Hans Kuijten
Interior- & Entertainment Design | Art

Hans Kuijten's creativity has no limits. He really gets his inspiration from everywhere. From films, music, food, cities, but especially people. His most important source of inspiration is always the client. Time and time again, this approach leads to the most beautiful creations for a variety of customers. From an exclusive Mercedes-Benz specialist to FC Utrecht and from Heineken to Van der Valk.

The Projects Van Hans Kuijten have recently been nominated for the Entree Hospitality & Style Awards.




With his unsurpassed designs, Hans Kuijten knows how to transform any space into a place where you feel at home. From living room to hotel lobby and from bar to business room. 


Sleek, stylish, fairytale or a combination of all of that. Hans Kuijten's sets make every event an unforgettable experience. From Tomorrowland to Groots with Guus Meeuwis.


Hang a real Hans Kuijten on the wall and let yourself be carried away in the world of unlimited possibilities. You can find his collection here. Hans also makes commissioned work.