Old money sails, new money accelerates

July 06, 2021 3 min read

When it comes to luxury yacht charters, this type of a vaction is rightfully seen as the ultimate holiday. A luxury crewed yacht charter can be defined as any sailing vacation where at least a captain and hostess or stewardess are on board, taking care of all clients wishes.
This can be on a smaller 40-45 ft sailing catamaran or an owner version of a 55ft monohull. At the same time, this definition can also apply to charter of a 200 ft superyacht where there are more crew than guests. For the purpose of this blog, we can assume that all luxury yacht charters are those where service on yachts will usually be at a level of a 5* hotel, on smaller yachts, or 6* or 7* on 100 ft yacht charter boats or even the largest mega yachts. The main rule in all situations, even though you are a guest and whatever the charter yacht you have hired, you should always treat the crew with respect. One of the other main questions is how much to tip a charter boat crew.

When it comes to charter boat tipping etiquette, the service crew is the one you are likely to see most of and spend most time with. Getting a fresh towel every morning, additonal refreshing drink during breafkast or a suitable cocktail in the afternoon is one of those little things that matter most and that will put a smile on your face. An engineer’s work that resolves a major fault with the yacht, which ultimately can destroy your special yachting vacation, can be seen as much more important service, yet you may not even be aware of such heroics given that any unnecessary alarm along those lines may mean affecting your and your guests’ quality living on board. For that reason, you need to consider do you tip charter boat captains only or also the crew individually.



This will depend on a variety of elements, yet the unwritten rule is to leave 10% of the paid charter fee. Thus, if you have hired a 60 ft catamaran or a 70 ft charter boat or even a Sunseeker 28 metre charter yacht, the same rule would apply. For a charter rate of 20,000 Eur, you would leave 2,000 Eur tips, for the charter rate of 50,000 Eur you would leave 5,000 Eur. This rule applies as a general suggestion and in case you and your guests were satisfied with your boat charter vacation. That is a general charter boat tipping etiquette, accepted on most yachts and in most of the major sailing destinations. To know exactly how much to tip a charter boat crew however, you may need to wait until the end of the sailing vacation all together. In case you are not entirely satisfied with your exclusive yachting holiday or luxury yacht charter experience and the crew did not provide a suitable or expected level of service, you are entitled to reduce the amount of tips. On the other side, should your yachtcharter cruise on board of the chosen 100 ft yacht charter or indeed a 60 ft monohull or any other booked yacht be an amazing, life changing experience, there is no limit as to what tip you can aware the crew with. In all cases, it is best that you consult one of our charter agents as they can advise on the most appropriate course of action.

We are happy to help you make the amazing life-changing trip, where you can request information via this link for booking your own charter.



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