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July 27, 2021 2 min read

Paul Hartwood Champagne | Wonders of Luxury

Characterized by the luxurious appearance processed in every detail, the champagne of Paul Hartwood is a special wine with its own story.

Charlemagne plays an important role in each of the bottles, translating the story of power and fame into the powers of the sword, which are custom-made in different variants, combined in a classic wooden box.

With Paul Hartwood taking you through history as follows:

"For as long as man can remember, his desire for conquest has always carried, provoked and led him to vast distant lands, beyond his own borders...

The attraction to excellence, the search for the world and the unknown, have led man to brave certain battles for the possession of pure wonders.

Paul Hartwood Champagne carries this message…

Paul Hartwood Champagne | Wonders of Luxury

This legendary champagne is made only with the best grapes from the greatest terroirs and belongs to the greatest monarchs of the French royal family.
Charlemagne, patron par excellence of the arts of his time, gives up his sword for this bottle with a thousand attractions.

The chosen one who will withdraw the sword will succeed the power of the Great Charlemagne and will in turn see himself as king, emperor of his own time."

Imagine a piece of land whose vast and beautiful grounds enjoy the dreamlike exposure of the sun, whose rays, ideally perpendicular to the hill, give the grapes an exemplary ripening process and then produce wines of unprecedented quality. A processing process where quality is pre-eminently given the highest priority for the formation of this exceptional champagne.



The champagnes are available in a 75cl bottle and in a Methuselah variant, with a capacity of 600cl. In both cases you have the option of choosing just the champagne or the champagne with the sword.

The select collection of Paul Hartwood is available exclusively at Wonders of Luxury, where we would like to refer you to the collection page of this exclusive champagne.

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