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Diamond Points

Wonders of Luxury Diamond Points.

The Ultimate luxurious saving system to receive some of our products for free but even more interesting to obtain products which are very difficult to find or even not presented for sale at all.

To obtain Diamond Point please have a look at our platform and check products marked with an .

On purchasing these products you will get for each spended € 1000,- one Diamond Point. We keep your record and inform you when you have reached the benefit level. You can collect Diamond Points as many as you want and can save through various purchases.

With your collection of Diamond Points you can choose your free wanted items out of the Diamond Points catalog during your next purchase on Wonders of Luxury platform.

Diamond Point Catalog:

Product name

Product image

Commercial value

Needed Diamond Points

Aurezzi Gift Box


2 x

Clive Christian
10ml X for men

not for sale

1 x

Beluga Caviar –
Blik 50gram

€ 145,-

2 x